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REAL Commerz is a sister company of the company MIKO Ltd., which was founded 1977 under the name Hotel Service LP by the present managing director Klaus A. Resch and his wife Irmgard. The company’s goal was to become Hotel outfitter in South Tyrol and to bring foreign products to the italian market. The company was accepted and appreciated all over South Tyrol by hoteliers and restaurant- and bar-operators as an honest and reliable partner. Soon we had to think about an extension.

In 1980 Klaus A. Resch`s Brother became part of the company as a partner. He supported the company well with it`s technical expertise. Thus became Hotel Service LP, Resch- Hotelservice Ltd. and the company continued to develop successfully. Eighteen months later his brother founded a separate company and resigned from Klaus A. Resch`s corporate. It wasn`t lacking in ideas and effort. Due to the increasing development and the ever-growing demands, it was time to think of a bigger showroom and warehouse. The planning fort he own company seat started.

In 1994, finally, the new company-seat could be opened. With great enthusiasm and verve, a new approach was developed, which is precisely tailored to customer requirements and was expressed with a new Layout and the term MIKO Ltd. The company MIKO Ltd. became under the leadership of Klaus A. Resch and his wife, Irmgard one of the best known and most esteemed Hotel outfitter in South Tyrol.

2006, the company MIKO Ltd. was transferred to the son Christoph, who from now in ownership to the delight of parents and, most importantly, to the fullest satisfaction of customers continues leading the company successfully.

REAL Commerz summarizes the representatives of Italy, which had hitherto MIKO Ltd. together and is now led by Klaus A. Resch as the responsible manager.

Corporate Philosophy: Customer Satisfaction

A high priority in Klaus A. Resch's corporate philosophy takes mutual trust between the partners. Every client and partner is expecting a smooth handling of his contract or of the reached agreement. Reliability and accuracy are paramount and matter of course. For this, a well thought-out work organization is a prerequisite. The leading manager will continue to rely on that, to maintain and expand the corporate' s strengths,which have been developed for years and are also expected from the partners.